Flat Stanley Update

Those of you taking the TEFL to the Young Learner course please take a look at the revision below. These instructions take the place ofthe one i handed out to you two weeks ago.

1. Please decorate one of the flat characters. You can choose either 'Flat Stanley' or 'Flat Stoneface'.

2. Write an introduction letter to your 'future partner'. Just a few sentences. Take on the persona of the flat character. Bring it to class on the FEB. 6th.

3. In this class (Feb. 6th), you will be paired with another classmate and you will exchange your 'flat characters'. 

4. Have an adventure! Take your partner's 'Flat character' with you to three outings. Take it whenever you go (he/she/it is very portable!). Take a picture with the 'Flat character' and the main subject.

5. Later, when you have a moment, write a 1st person journal entry for each of the three places that you took your character. Include the picture. Each episode need only be one page long (including the picture).

6. The new due date for this assignment is: Feb. 27